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We are not affected by load-shedding - Battery/Inverter backup included FREE OF CHARGE!

Load-shedding has become part of our lives and is something that will still haunt us for years to come. In the past, many of our clients had to plan around load-shedding, and some even had to cancel events because of load-shedding.

We've decided to invest in a solution to the problem and have acquired mobile battery backup systems that are capable of powering ALL our equipment for a minimum of 4 hours, without any interruptions, when load-shedding kicks in or a power failure occurs. Besides providing backup power during load-shedding and power failures, we are also able to provide our services in remote locations where grid power is unavailable.

This solution has the following advantages, to name a few:

Inverter rentals:

We offer inverter rentals ranging between 1.2 KW and 5 KW, with the following advantages:

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