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For the more technically minded...

Sound Equipment (for e.g. musicals / conferences / corporate events / product launches / live music etc.)

Various wireless- and wired microphone options and various speaker options are available, all depending on the customer's requirements and the size and layout of the venue.

Wireless microphone options currently include nineteen Sennheiser digital (EW-D) systems, including seven Sennheiser E835 handheld microphones and sixteen Sennheiser bodypack transmitters. The bodypack transmitters have microphone options of either headworn- or lavalier microphones and can also be used in conjunction with instrument cables to wirelessly transmit signals from instruments, e.g. guitars. Samson CO2 condenser microphones, Samson CM20P podium microphones and Shure SM58 vocal- and Shure SM57 instrument microphones are also available. For stage and choir applications, we also have Audac CMX382- and Samson CM12C hanging condenser microphones.

Mixer options include an Allen & Heath SQ-5 digital mixing desk, a QSC TouchMix-16 digital mixer, an Allen & Heath CQ-12T digital mixer and a Soundcraft Signature 12 mixer. In-between the mixer and the loudspeakers we have a dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System. The dbx DriveRack PA2 is a fundamental component in the audio chain, especially for any live performance where microphones and/or musical instruments are used. It is not only used as an active crossover, but it is also used to precisely tune the equalization of the loudspeakers to the venue, to achieve a smoother, more accurate and more natural-sounding in-room frequency response. Furthermore it offers compression, limiting and loudspeaker time alignment while also having numerous additional system-tuning and sonic optimization capabilities. It also includes an advanced feedback suppression feature, which automatically finds and dials out any problematic feedback-producing frequencies without adversely affecting the audio system's tone.

Sennheiser EW-D wireless microphone systems - Headworn, Lavalier or Handheld microphone options Allen & Heath SQ-5 Digital Mixer QSC TouchMix-16 Digital Mixer Allen & Heath CQ-12T Digital Mixer Soundcraft Signature 12 Mixer dbx DriveRack PA2 Loudspeaker Management System

Depending on the area and specific set-up requirements, we will use Yamaha DSR115 15-inch active speakers and/or QSC KLA12 12-inch active line-array speakers and/or QSC K12 12-inch active speakers and/or QSC K10.2 10-inch active speakers and/or QSC CP8 8-inch active speakers and QSC KW181 18-inch active subwoofers.

Speaker stands are usually used in conjunction with the speakers and to add a professional touch, all the speaker- and light stands can be covered with either black or white stretch covers. The white stretch covers can also be illuminated from within to complement the decor or to add some colour to the event.

Yamaha DSR115 Active Loudspeaker QSC KLA12 Active Line Array Loudspeaker QSC K12 Active Loudspeaker QSC K10.2 Active Loudspeaker QSC CP8 Active Loudspeaker QSC KW181 Active Subwoofer QSC KW181 Active Subwoofers & QSC KLA12 Active Line Array Loudspeakers Speaker- & Light Stand Skirts Illuminated Speaker- & Light Stand Skirts

Lighting, Lasers, Floodlights & Effects

Our effect lighting include Laserworld DS-2000 RGB lasers, Chauvet LED scanners, Chauvet Core 3X1 LED effect lights, beamZ LED moving heads, Stagg LED mini moving heads, Chauvet LED Par Can wash lights, LED blacklights (UV) and a blacklight (UV)/strobe combo light. The mirror ball is timeless and a must-have for any 80's party. The lighting effects are usually attached to or hanged from light stands.

The Chauvet high-output fog machines will quickly fill large venues or outdoor areas with a thick cloud of smoke. A high-output hazer is also available. A hazer creates an unobtrusive fine mist, which makes light beams more visible. Hazers are typically used in combination with stage and theater lighting where you do not want thick clouds of smoke, while smoke machines are mostly used outdoors.

The LED Par Can wash lights, as well as the mini moving heads, can be used to illuminate specific areas or objects, or they can be used to create mood-lighting, or up-lighting or even as coloured or white strobe lights - simple lights with endless possibilities. Each wash light's colour is independently adjustable over the full spectrum of visible light and can be pre-programmed or controlled remotely.

We also have a large selection of LED floodlights ranging from 30W to 100W. These floodlights can also be individually and remotely controlled using wireless DMX.

Our Chauvet 120ST followspot, with its very bright 120W LED, emits a tight beam to highlight actors on stage from a distance. It has a built-in CTO filter that lowers the colour temperature to match tungsten lamps and can be controlled manually or remotely via DMX.

Laserworld DS-2000 RGB Laser Chauvet Intimidator Scan LED 300 Scanner Chauvet Core 3X1 RGB LED beamZ LED Moving Heads Stagg LED Mini Moving Heads Chauvet SlimPack 56 RGB LED wash lights LED Strobe & Blacklights Mirror Ball Chauvet Amhaze Whisper Hazer Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex Fog Machine Chauvet 120ST Followspot


Music videos, movies, presentations, slideshows, images, photos, etc. are projected using one or two Optoma ZH406ST Full HD laser projectors or one and/or two Optoma GT750 HD projectors, all with short-throw lenses. Short-throw lenses enable us to place the projectors much closer to the screens, and thus the set-up requires less space. We have two 100-inch and two 82-inch projection screens, all with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and all screens can be used for front-projection (projector placed in front of the screen) or rear-projection (projector placed behind the screen). These screens and the projectors can be used in horizontal or vertical orientation. Horizontal orientation will typically be used for movies and music videos, while vertical orientation can be used for displaying vertical corporate banners or to display portrait photos of pageant contestants next to a stage or ramp.

We also have two Samsung 65-inch 4K Smart TVs on stands, which can be used for smaller presentations, and a Samsung 40-inch Full HD LCD screen on a stand, which is perfect for displaying photos, information, directions, seating arrangements, etc.

Optoma ZH406ST Full HD Laser Projector Optoma GT750 HD Projector Grandview Super Mobile Fastfold Projection Screen Optoma GT750 & Samson TS-100 Samsung 65 inch 4K Smart TV Samsung 40 inch LCD screen on stand

LED Screens

Take your event to the next level with our state-of-the-art LED screens. Our high-resolution LED screens can be used indoors and outdoors, even in direct sunlight, and are the ideal solution for when the ambient light is too bright to use projectors. The individual 0.5m x 0.5m cabinets can be interlocked to create one or more screens of the required dimensions. The screens can also be set up with a curve, which is usually preferred to a flat screen, e.g., when used as a backdrop on stage. 

LED screens are frequently used as vertical digital banners, similar to traditional pull-up banners. When using LED screens as banners, you have the added advantage of displaying non-static content.

These screens are also ideal for outdoor movies, and we can add 6-channel surround sound for an unforgettable movie experience.

Leyard LED Screen Curved LED Screen LED Screen Banners


We live-stream events to YouTube and Facebook and also facilitate meetings, conferences and webinars via Zoom, Skype and Teams. The audio and video feed can also be presented to an audience or local attendees of a meeting, conference, or webinar using a sound system for the audio and LED screens, projection screens and/or LED TVs for the video.

For very basic video feeds we use a LogiTech C920 full HD webcam mounted on a tripod. For multi-camera video streaming and live video feeds, we make use of Canon cameras, supporting 4K video. We use Blackmagicdesign ATEM Mini Pro video switchers to switch between the various video sources, e.g., cameras, laptops, media players, etc. These video switchers also support various digital video effects, like advanced chroma key (green screen), still image overlays and captions, Picture-in-Picture and various professional broadcast transitions.

Godox LED500 video lights are used for illumination. If on-camera audio needs to be captured, we use Rode VideoMicro microphones. These microphones provide higher quality audio than the camera's built-in microphones and their audio pickup is more directional and therefore eliminates background noise.

LogiTech C920 webcam Canon 90D camera Blackmagicdesign ATEM Mini Pro Video Switcher Godox LED500 Video Lights Rode VideoMicro on-camera microphone

VJ / DJ Equipment

The all-in-one DJ console is used for standard VJ/DJ events. The source of the music and videos is an ASUS i7 laptop running Virtual DJ, with another ASUS i7 laptop as backup. Virtual DJ is controlled using a Gemini CNTRL-7 DJ controller. The DJ console also includes two Shure wireless microphone systems with either SM58 handheld- or headworn microphones.

DJ Console Gemini CNTRL-7 USB Controller Shure BLX wireless microphone system - Headworn, Lavalier or Handheld microphone options

Final touches

We usually place DJ screens in front of the DJ tables to hide cables and equipment. These screens can be illuminated from behind to create an awesome visual effect. We try not to run any cabling across a floor or doorway, but sometimes you don't have a choice. In such situations, the cabling will be covered with cable covers.

DJ Screen Table with stretch cloth (Back) Table with stretch cloth (Front) Cable cover

Regarding the Yamaha and QSC speakers we use

You might ask why we've decided on Yamaha and QSC speakers... Well, we all start small with simple and affordable equipment, and we are usually happy with the way our rig sounds, but then, one day, you attend some function or event, and you are blown away by the system. That happened to me a couple of years ago when I heard the Yamaha DSR115's at a live event. Using four 15-inch Wharfedale Titans, two 12-inch Titans and two 15-inch Titan active subwoofers at the time, I've always leaned towards the 15-inch JBL EONs, because musically they always sounded so much better. But after hearing the Yamaha DSRs, I could not stop thinking about them. That is where the fun started.

I went to about six or seven different music stores, dragged my family with me, and we compared a lot of speakers side-by-side, listening to the same tracks on all the speakers. After comparing about twelve different brands and models, all 12-inch and 15-inch tops, two of them stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest: the 15-inch Yamaha DSR115 and the 12-inch QSC K12. Musically the QSC K12 sounded even better than the Yamaha and when I compared power they blew almost everything else out of the water, including the 15-inch JBL EON, and the 15-inch Turbosound iQ15, although the QSC K12 was only a 12-inch speaker. While the Yamaha DSR115s musically compare very well to the QSC K12s, they are quite a bit more powerful and have a lower frequency response, mostly because of the wooden enclosure and 15-inch driver.

The choice was obvious, but the Yamaha DSR115s were just a little bit too expensive, so I went for four of the slightly cheaper QSC K12s. Soon after purchasing the K12s, I was contacted by one of the music stores where I've listened to the Yamaha DSR115s previously. They had a second-hand pair of the Yamaha DSRs, which were about a week old. The client decided to purchase a line array system instead and returned the DSRs and I got them for a very good price. But it did not stop there; you have to have subwoofers to complement the tops, so the whole process started all over again. I did not want bandpass-design subwoofers, which ruled out the Yamaha subwoofers matching the DSR115s.

After spending hours on forums and reading hundreds of posts about subwoofer recommendations, experiences and comparisons I've narrowed it down to a handful of options. I then listened and compared the different brands and models, but as was confirmed in many posts all over the internet, the winner was clear: the 18-inch QSC KW181. They have a lot of punch and a lot of power, and musically they sound exceptional.

Over the years the family grew quite a bit, and recently we've added some 12-inch QSC KLA12 active line array speakers to the family. These beasts sound as good as the K12s, but with a bit more on the low-end, and since they are line array speakers, vertically covering only 18° each, you can combine them to cover a much larger area without introducing a combing effect on mid and high frequencies. The KLA12s are great all-rounders; whether they are used in an array, on their own, or paired on top of a speaker stand or KW181, they are simply awesome.

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