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Sound, lighting and AV are integral components of any function or event. The equipment is crucial and needs to perform as expected, be reliable and also have a good appearance. We are very proud of our equipment, and we take great care to keep everything in mint condition. I'm proud to say that we are often complimented on our equipment and also on the condition thereof.

For dance-type functions, the right type of music, and more specifically, the selection of songs, can play a very important part in the success of the event. Our music selection covers all the hits and more, from the 50's right through to the latest Top 40 hits. We do not play from a pre-defined playlist, but instead continually read the audience. Music requests from the audience are always welcome, and ensure that your guests stay entertained and have fun, making your function one that will be remembered. If you are looking for great entertainment with reliable, professional entertainers, you don't need to look any further.

What makes us stand out above our competitors...

Sound reinforcement

We use only QSC and Yamaha DSR series speakers, which stand out well above most other popular brands and models in terms of sound quality, performance, and features. By using active speakers, we have the advantage of being able to adjust the volume and tonal properties of each speaker individually. Another handy feature is their built-in digital delays, which are essential when they are used as fill-in speakers, placed some distance away from the main speakers at an event. Others using passive speakers, would have to run separate speaker cables, have separate amplifiers, and use separate signal processors or dedicated outputs on digital mixers to achieve the same results, which greatly complicates their setup, compared to ours. Less complex setups also result in less setup- and take-down time, which is an advantage to the client.

Wireless microphones

Our Sennheiser EW-D wireless microphones, the digital versions of the very popular EW series, have a much better response across the full audible frequency range, when compared to analog wireless microphones. This simply means that all the detail captured by the microphone is accurately reproduced at the wireless receiver's output.

Dedicated long-range antennas are used with our wireless microphones, which prevents drop-outs in the audio, usually caused by poor reception. These long-range antennas also effectively increase the range of our wireless microphones to well over 300 meters compared to the standard range of up to 100 meters line-of-sight, enabling us to successfully use them at, e.g., large stadiums.

Lighting & effects

Our LED lighting, from the PAR wash lights, scanners, moving-heads and UV/blacklights to the full-colour lasers, all remotely controlled and/or synchronised with the music, will take your event to the next level.

A hazer is used to enhance the effect of the lighting and lasers. Hazers create a fine, unobtrusive mist that stays in the atmosphere for a long time. They are typically used in theaters and on stage. Smoke or fog machines are used for their intended purpose, which is to create dense momentary clouds of smoke. We seldom use them indoors, unless required.

LED screens

Our high-resolution Leyard LED screens can be used indoors and even outdoors in direct sunlight and are the ideal solution for when the ambient light is too bright to use projectors. Our LED screens can also be set up with a curve, which is usually preferred to a flat screen, e.g., when used as a backdrop on stage.

Video & Projection

Our full HD (1080p) laser projectors with a brightness of 4200 Ansi Lumens and short-throw lenses are capable of producing crisp and bright images even in well-lit areas. Their short-throw lenses enable us to place the projectors much closer to the screens and more out of the way compared to projectors with standard lenses.

Our projection screens are reverse projection capable, which enables us to place the projectors behind the screens, completely out of sight and out of the way. In combination with the short-throw lenses, the required space behind the screens is even less.

These projectors also support four-corner correction, which simplifies the positioning of the projectors and screens. There is no need to place the projector dead center in front of- or behind the screen, like with standard projectors. The projector can be placed off-axis, and the position of each corner of the projected image can be adjusted until the image is perfectly aligned.

For a functional approach and a neat and professional appearance, we use tripod stands for our projectors. We've seen others placing projectors on top of boxes or tables, spending lots of time adding books, etc., in an attempt to adjust the height and projection angle of the projector. Believe me, we've seen it all.


Load-shedding does not affect us. Our mobile battery backup systems are capable of powering ALL our equipment for a minimum of 4 hours without any interruptions, whether load-shedding is implemented or power failures occur. Besides providing backup power during load-shedding or power failures, we are also able to provide our services in remote locations where grid power is unavailable.

Our clients don't have to plan a function or event around load-shedding. Since we don't use generators, there are no interruptions when changing over to and from generator power; your event will seamlessly continue without you or your guests even knowing that load-shedding kicked in, or a power failure occurred.


Unlike some of our competitors, we only use our own equipment. We don't rent any equipment from third parties or rental companies, which has the advantage that we are familiar with the setup, features, capabilities, limitations, reliability, and physical condition of the equipment. We use professional equipment and have backup options in place in the unlikely event of equipment failure.

When it comes to what we do, we are perfectionists, and we pay extra attention to detail. Setups are symmetrical, where applicable, and everything is neat and tidy. Speaker- and light stands are usually covered with stretch covers. Cables are hidden from clear sight, and all cables crossing floor space are covered with cable covers. DJ screens are placed in front of our tables to hide away equipment, cabling, etc.

You wouldn't let your event planner prepare the food for your event, so why would you let them attempt to fulfill the AV requirements? Rather leave it to the professionals who have the appropriate gear, the know-how, and the experience.

So, whether you need speakers and a projector or just a microphone and speakers for your small presentation, or if you want to have an awesome party with music videos, smoke machines, lasers, and chest-pounding bass, get in touch and let us assist you!

The success of your function or event is our top priority.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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